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Antenna Repairs South West Sydney

Welcome to Riteway Antenna Installations, an Australian owned and operated tv antenna installations and antenna repairs South West Sydney service provider. We have been providing digital TV antenna repairs in the South West Sydney region for over 30 years.

If you are needing a professional antenna repairs South West Sydney service then Riteway Antennas are here to help. When you are experiencing antenna troubleshooting issues, we will send an experienced technician to asses the problem and find the best and most cost effective solution. Solving antenna issues can be as simple as repairing a phone point to having a brand new antenna installed. We pride ourselves in offering a high quality service that gets the job done right and doesn’t break the bank.

If you have had an antenna installed recently and it is not giving you a clear picture or isn’t picking up all the channels then this could be a troubleshooting issue without needing a complete antenna replacement. Older antennas may not pick up newer channels or may be getting 4G or other external interference. Getting an antenna technician to look at your antenna is the best way to assess if you can fix the issue or have a new antenna installed.

We are experts in all things antennas, and will give you the best possible advice to suit your specific need without any hidden costs.

Antenna Repairs South West SydneyOther Antenna Services South West Sydney

Digital Antenna Installations in South West Sydney – we install new digital antennas and update existing ones with extra outlets or boosters. We can add or relocate TV points. Once your antenna is installed, we ensure there are no connectivity issues.

TV Wall Mounting in South West Sydney – we can install your TV on the appropriate TV wall mount ensuring all TV points are correctly configured and connected

TV Reception Problems in South West Sydney – experiencing TV reception problems can be solved by either installing a new booster or tuning to the correct transmitter.

Home Theatre Installations in South West Sydney – we specialise in installation of all your home theatre components. This includes TV wall mount, multi room audio, surround sound, speaker mounting, cable management, set up & connection, subwoofers, projectors and screens.

Professional Antenna Repairs South West Sydney

Riteway Antenna Installations provide an excellent service each and every time. With decades of experience in installing and repairing antennas in South West Sydney and the surrounding area, we ensure you get the best service all at a reasonable and fair price.

Give Riteway Antenna Installations a call today on 0418 211 165 and let us help you with all your antenna repairs and installation needs.