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TV Antenna Installation Sydney

Your TV set is only as good as the antenna you use with it. Having the right antenna is crucial to getting the best signal so you can enjoy all your favourite channels without interruption.

But before you go for antenna installations, it helps to know a few things about TV antennas so you can buy the right one and install it correctly.

Hire Professionals for the Job

Most antennas come with DIY installation guides. However, digital TV antenna installation is not that easy as it requires extensive technical knowledge and experience.

So instead of attempting it yourself, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional antenna installations and repairs service provider like us.

Based in New South Wales, we are one of the highly rated service providers with committed customer service. We always aim to provide the best quality work at the most competitive rates. All our technicians are trained and certified and we use only the best quality products.

Contact us anytime for a free quote for all types of antenna installation and repair when you want a high quality service. We also offer services like TV mounting and connecting your antenna to your home theatre system.

Types of TV Antenna

TV antennas are broadly categorised into two categories – outdoor antennas and indoor antennas.

Outdoor antennas are almost indispensable if you live in isolated areas or areas that are far from the broadcasting centre. Installed atop rooftops, these antennas use the latest technologies to attract strong signals and provide the best reception to your home theatre setup.

Indoor antennas are effective enough to draw strong signals if you live near broadcasting centres. They are also your only option if you live in apartments and do not have your own exclusive roof.

An indoor antenna can be installed right next to the TV or in attics.

VHF or UHF Antenna

Before purchasing your antenna, you should know something about VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) channels. With the advancement in technology, most broadcasting centres these days transmit UHF channels with very few VHF channels available.

Most antennae, whether outdoor or indoor can pick up both the signals. However, it is prudent to invest in a UHF-compatible antenna as both VHF and UHF signals cannot be accessed simultaneously within the same locality.

Installing your Antenna

If you have purchased an outdoor antenna, placing it on the highest part of your roof is best. This allows your antenna to attract the strongest signals by positioning it in the direction of the transmission. This also helps you to avoid tall buildings or similar structures that might block the signals.

The attic is another place to install your antenna. However, a TV antenna installed in the attic does not offer the best signals. To improve reception, mount the antenna on the cross beams or masts. Avoid letting the antenna touch the floor.

In case you are installing an indoor antenna, you must place it as near to the TV set as possible. Whether you have a regular TV or a wall mounted TV, you must buy an antenna with amplifiers.

So before installing your TV indoor antenna, ensure that there extra TV points to supply power to the amplifiers.

The Cost Factor

Before installing a digital antenna, it is always wise to factor in the various costs involved. This gives you an idea of how much you can invest. Simple rooftop installations may cost less while installing an antenna with TV wall mounting can cost more.

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