Riteway Antennas Provide TV Reception Problems Services

TV Reception Problems

You relax in front of your TV set, watch programmes to keep yourself updated or just to keep your mind off things bothering you. Watching TV can be a great stress-buster but reception issues often spoil your viewing pleasure.

There are several reasons for poor television signal reception. Some of these are internal and can be controlled while others depend on external factors. Contact us today for professional television services. Our fully trained technicians can correct the issue quickly so that you can watch your digital TV uninterrupted.

Causes for Disruption from Inside your Home

One of the common causes of problems in digital television is impulse disruption or induction. Such disruptions are caused due to any fluctuation in the electric supply to any other devices in your home.

To understand if your television reception is indeed being disrupted due to fluctuation in any such device, try switching on your TV set after switching off that device. 

In-house Signal Interference

There are certain devices such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, CCTVs or baby monitors that have their own wavelength. Often these wavelengths interfere with TV signals and disrupt the TV coverage.

The best way to deal with this problem is to keep your TV set as far away as possible from the transmission site of such devices.

TV Receptions Problems caused due to External Factors

Apart from your home, there are several external factors that can lead to TV reception problems. While some of these are beyond your control, some can be solved by contacting your nearest Department of Communications.

Weather Interference

Your digital signals may be interrupted during inclement weather. Strong wind, torrential rain, high atmospheric pressure or even an extended hot weather can create havoc with the signal strength of your TV.

There is little you can do to prevent the weather from damaging your antenna installed but wait for it to improve. Excessive heat or pressure in the atmosphere can also disrupt your television signals.

A good set top box can improve the situation but if the weather is really bad, you will just have to miss your favourite free to air television channels.

Signals from Outside Source

Viewer access to satellite television in a vast service area can also be interrupted due to signals from outside source. Such signals can come from your mobile broadband device, electric lawn mower, heavy traffic flowing very close by or even any roadwork that uses pneumatic drills and other electrical machinery.

To reduce the problem, replace old TV cables as these are more susceptible to such outside disruptions.