Riteway Antennas Provide TV Wall Mounting Services

TV Wall Mounting

A wall mounted TV set is a must-have if you want to impart a sleek and stylish look to your living area. In fact, the home theatre of your dreams is incomplete without a digital TV mounted on the wall.

TV wall mounting can dramatically enhance the look and elegance of any living space. However, it should be neat all around without wires and cords sticking out. And when you have spent so much on the latest flat screen TV, be sure to hire Riteway Antenna to mount the TV on the wall the correct way.

If you want to mount your TV all by yourself, keep in mind several factors before you begin this quite complex process.

Check your Wall First

The first thing to know is whether the wall on which the TV will be mounted is made of concrete or drywall. If you are mounting the TV on drywall, be careful about the framework so that you don’t drill too many holes into them during the wall mounting installation process.

Working on concrete will be harder as you will have to build a drywall in front of the actual wall. This creates enough space for all your wires to fit in or for installing additional electrical outlets.

Gather the Right Equipment

First, you will need the right sized TV wall brackets to mount the set. This will depend on the screen size. Next, use a stud finder to locate the framework of the drywall in order to install the screws on the bracket directly into it. This provides great support to your TV wall mount bracket so that there are no mishaps.

You will also need an electric drill to drill all those holes.

Stick to the Standard

The standard height to install TV in the room is at the eye-level from where you are sitting or lying. You would not want to crane your neck or look down when you are watching your favourite show.

Several factors such as the height of your sofa or bed, the distance from it, your own height, the size of the TV etc; all determine the height of TV wall mount installation. The basic standard is your own comfort level.

Once the TV is installed and you don’t like the height, all that work and money spent will go to waste. To avoid reinstalling your TV, use a tape to mark the exact height where you want it to be mounted on the wall.

If all these steps seem to spoil the fun, get in touch with Riteway Antenna for a professional and reliable TV wall mounting service. Give us a call today on 0418 211 165 or fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly.